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Wealth Management

Your Guide to Wealth Management

Wealth management is not just for wealthy people, despite the name. Wealth management refers to a professional handling the investment decisions for your portfolio with the goal of protecting and growing your assets. Our financial advisors specialize in wealth management, and we look forward to helping you work towards your financial goals for a prosperous future.

Our wealth management services include everything from creating an investment strategy, to picking the best assets for your portfolio, and managing and evaluating the performance of those assets. We use a personalized investment strategy that aims to minimize risk and is in line with your unique needs and objectives. We also consider your overall financial situation to help you set reasonable financial goals and keep more of your income after taxes.

Benefits of professional asset management

When you hire our financial advisors to manage your assets for you, you take an important step toward your financial goals. Active asset management requires time, dedication, and knowledge. Not only do you have to understand the assets in your portfolio, but you also have to know if they fit your investment criteria. Our financial advisors can simplify the process for you.

Once we get to know you, your financial situation, and your objectives, we’re in the best position to create an investment strategy that is realistic and helps you pursue your goals. Whether you’re trying to reach short- or long-term goals, we can set up and manage your portfolio for you. We frequently review your portfolio and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Examples of investment management

Wealth or investment management is more comprehensive than merely buying and selling assets on your behalf. Our wealth management team first develops an understanding of your goals before creating and following a personalized investment strategy. Here are some examples of what investment management might include:

    Investment risk tolerance review
    Strategies for asset allocation
    Vetting alternative investments
    Implementation of your investment strategy
    Monitoring and reporting of asset performance

When we make investment decisions on your behalf, we take a comprehensive approach to minimize your financial risk. Besides our risk management strategies, we also pay attention to the tax implications of your investment decisions to help you keep more of your investment income.

Managing investment risk

While there are no risk-free investments, we strive to manage your investment risk by using a diversification strategy. We pick asset classes with low correlations to lower your overall risk and reduce the volatility of your portfolio. A portfolio with reduced volatility has a greater potential for compounding wealth over time. And of course, we review all of your investment accounts periodically using a disciplined process, making sure you’re on track to pursuing your goals.

FAQs about retirement planning

Should you manage your own wealth?

There is a lot of information about managing wealth on the internet, and it can mislead people to think they can manage their own wealth. Unfortunately, the stock market is an expensive place to learn how to invest, which is why we recommend working with a professional financial advisor to manage your investment portfolio instead.

What are the goals of wealth management?

You actually get to decide what the goal and purpose of wealth management is for you. Those goals don’t have to include beating the market or amassing a fortune. Instead, you need to create personal goals for yourself. Maybe that includes early retirement or purchasing a vacation home. We’re here to help you work on your unique financial goals. 

Do I need a strategy to manage my wealth?

Having a wealth management strategy is a good idea, because you want to pursue the goals that are right for you. Your investment strategy must consider your objectives, your timeline, and your risk tolerance when selling or buying stocks. The best wealth management strategy also considers the tax implications for you.

Let’s discuss your wealth management needs.

We personalize our wealth management strategy to your individual needs and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing. Our financial advisors can help you pursue your goals by building on your current situation and working towards your financial objectives with a tailored approach to investing. Call us today to discuss your wealth management needs.