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What it means to be a fiduciary financial advisor

Not all financial advisors have your best interests at heart

A fiduciary is independent and objective

Elios Financial Group is truly an independent firm. Through the resources of TD Ameritrade Institutional and our broker-dealer, Private Client Services, we’re able to provide you with an objective perspective. You’ll always receive honest financial recommendations designed to benefit your unique situation and meet your specific goals. Any recommendations you receive from us are truly in your best interest.

A fiduciary is fee based

You’ll pay a flat or hourly fee for your financial planning services. We do not receive commissions on financial products. This alleviates any potential conflicts of interest. And it means we only represent you and your interests when giving you advice.

A fiduciary focuses on comprehensive financial planning 

Elios Financial Group will simplify and organize your accounts and documents, which you can then access 24/7/365 on your personalized, encrypted website. This is included in your advanced planning package.

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