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Financial Planning for the Single Person Approaching Retirement

Meet Amy (56) — After accumulating wealth throughout the years as a nurse practitioner, Amy began thinking about retirement. She currently holds a variety of investment accounts, including 401(K)s from employers, stock options, an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and multiple brokerage accounts. She has three adult children (one still in college) and four grandkids. Amy lives modestly, owns her home, and looks forward to spending more time with family in retirement.


Consolidate investment accounts, mitigate taxes, create a reliable retirement income stream.

The Challenge

Amy was pretty sure she had enough to retire but also hoped she could leave a legacy for her kids and grandkids. She craved a financial plan that would allow her to retire confidently knowing she was equipped to meet her goals.
Amy had more questions than answers:

  • How do I consolidate retirement funds?
  • Where exactly is my money invested?
  • What are the tax implications of selling my stock options?
  • Do I have enough money to pay for healthcare, especially if I retire before 65?
  • How do I switch gears from working and saving money to live off my investments?

She knew seeking professional financial help would create a plan that truly worked for her family — and put her mind at east.

The Approach

The first step for Amy was to sit down with someone who’d listen to her questions and concerns. She wanted to be heard and not sold to. 
There is an understandable mixture of excitement and uncertainty when it comes to a retirement transition. Once her goals were clearly documented, a personalized retirement plan aligning with her values and priorities could be created. 

The Results

In collaboration with her tax professional, Amy was able to: 

✓ Establish a retirement timeline that included future financial changes (Social Security & Medicare) 

✓ Organize her assets so she has enough money to fund what matters most

✓ Reduce potential taxes through the systematic sale of her stock options

✓ Maximize the effectiveness of her savings during her remaining working years 

✓ Create an income stream to fund the first few years of retirement before Medicare and Social Security kick in 

With a plan in place, Amy felt rejuvenated in her sense of purpose. She brought an increased confidence to her remaining working years. Soon, she’ll be able to fully embrace retirement and her role as a grandparent.

Does this sound like you?

If you’re single, approaching retirement and want to protect your nest egg, let us give you a plan. Schedule your complimentary discovery meeting with one of our financial planning professionals today.

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*Client scenarios are meant for illustrative and informational purposes only, and they are not examples of actual client results. Individual results can vary. These hypothetical situations are designed to provide educational and/or general information and is not intended as specific investment, tax or legal advice. You should always consult a professional regarding your specific situation. Actual future investment returns, taxes and inflation are unknown. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.