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Client Scenario #4: Laura

Age 77


  • After becoming recently widowed, Laura would require assistance handling certain financial decisions.
  • Her husband was a long-term client of the office, however, when his heath begun to decline, Laura had to step in to begin learning what she would one day have to understand.
  • Assistance on settling estate, transferring assets into her name, closing her late husband’s accounts, updating beneficiaries.


  • Being married for 50 years, Laura had minimal involvement with finances until recently as her husband took care of most of them. 
  • Building a lasting and trustful relationship with her husband’s advisor that would make her feel heard and know that her concerns, goals, and priorities were all considered.


It was crucial to make Laura feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease while reviewing all of her and her husband’s assets. We would ensure Laura that we would always act with her best interest.

*These client scenarios are meant for illustrative and informational purposes only, and they are not examples of actual client results. Individual results can vary.