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Elios Axioms




  1. a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
    "the axiom that supply equals demand"

The “Elios Axioms" are principles we have learned over the past 25+ years of successfully managing money and relationships. The axioms are important guidelines that have been critical in successful long- term financial results and even more important, successful relationships.

  1. No one can predict the future or control the financial markets.
  2. We can control- the best risk-adjusted place to put money.
  3. Lower fees equal better returns.
  4. Diversification works over long term.
  5. We match up the time horizon and your expectations to manage risk.
  6. Saving money in taxes equates to better investment returns.
  7. Cash and liquidity is always the first consideration.
  8. Successful investing outcomes are directly related to investor’s behavior.
  9. Time in the market NOT timing. Don’t make ST decisions on LT money- Don’t make LT decisions on ST money.
  10. As a fiduciary, we are aligned with your best interests- “The better you do, the better we do.”