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Our Process


We have designed a process to help successful professionals, executives and families put all the pieces of their financial puzzle and life together…It’s a dynamic process that adapts as their lives unfold and their needs evolve…It helps create clarity and confidence in their future…

And that ultimately Enriches their lives.

If you are interested in exploring a relationship, we offer a complimentary Discovery Meeting with one of our financial professionals. Through conversation, we will begin to get to know one another and gain understanding of your current financial life, vision for your future, and whether we can help.

Then, as we work on your planning, we will consider the risks, opportunities, and strengths present in your situation and strategize to find the best ways to align and optimize your resources to support your goals. While some of this work may be quite technical, we will communicate recommendations to you in simple language to allow you to make clear and informed decisions.

We will proactively reach out to you for Regular Progress Meetings, which are critical to continually capitalize on opportunities, avoid dangers, and help ensure you stay on track. Our clients generally meet with us one to three times yearly although we are available as questions or issues arise.

  1. Getting to know you - Discovery Meeting
  2. Develop Goals and Get Organized Meeting
  3. Analyze and Educate
  4. Strategies and Advice
  5. Action Plan
  6. Monitor and Review