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Investment Planning & Portfolio Management

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We know that you’ve worked hard to build and secure your financial future and retirement in a sector such as business, education, government, or through self-employment. If your focus remains on preserving your wealth and retirement income, a strategically sound move you can make is to utilize the knowledge of a quality investment advisor.

As an investment company in Westlake, Ohio, our team can help you assess your financial needs by structuring a customized portfolio that addresses your key objectives. To develop this tailored investment portfolio, we’ll work with you to get a better understanding of how your goals align with each of the following variables:

  • Professional Management
  • Investment Risk Tolerance Review
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Implementation, Monitoring, and Reporting
  • Alternative Investments

Once we learn more about your needs related to the five factors above, we can begin to steer you in the right financial direction. Unlike other Westlake investment companies, our recommendations are based on both your goals and our years of management experience.

Benefits of Choosing Our Westlake Portfolio Management Company

Investors in Westlake can be proud of their financial future and stability when they choose to work with Elios Financial Group. By making the move toward fiscal security with our team, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Open Architecture Platform – Our “open architecture” platform allows for portfolios to be constructed using the full range of investment options.
  • Expanded Viewpoint – Portfolios are built with a global and diversified perspective, further expanding your Westlake, OH wealth management options.
  • Low Correlation Asset Classes – Other diversification includes utilizing asset classes with low correlations, which may result in less risk and a reduced portfolio volatility.
  • Reduced Volatility – Reduced volatility allows for a greater compounding of wealth over time.
  • Regular Upkeep – We’ll review your account periodically with a disciplined process.
  • Financial Research – Research produced from both internal proprietary models and external independent resources is incorporated into our strategic and tactical asset allocation.

The Portfolio Investment Process, Step-by-Step

When you work with our investment advisors in Westlake, we’ll set you onto a path of success by teaching you the ins and outs of investments. Whether this is your first investment opportunity or you’ve acquired prior experience in the market, we can be counted on as a helping hand.

Step 1: Investment Strategy

Ready to make financial strides in Westlake, Ohio? Wealth management in the area can come in many different forms. The first step we’ll suggest within the investment process is determining a strategy, which utilize tactics such as the following:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Tactical Asset Allocation

Step 2: Investment Universe Quality Screen

Depending on what your investment goals and preferences are, we’ll work with you to potentially utilize the following resources:

  • Individual equities and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)
  • No load and institutional funds universe including Vanguard, Fidelity, iShares®, etc.
  • Alternative strategies, including REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust)
  • Asset class and security risk/return analysis

Step 3: Security Selection Process

Another step our team of Westlake investment advisors may navigate you through can include methods of security, such as the following:

  • Sector allocation, growth and value
  • Style weightings, valuation, relative and historical performance
  • Liquidity, expense ratio, fees and costs

Step 4: Monitor and Rebalance

The last step of the investment and portfolio management process is more of an ongoing manner. Our professional advisors will continue to suggest ways that your finances can be managed, monitored and rebalanced.

Protecting What You Built – We Align the World’s Investments with Your Risk Tolerance

The ultimate success of your Westlake portfolio management and investment program is determined by its ability to address the opportunities and challenges presented by the financial market in connection with your time, spending and risk profile. A couple of key points to remember:

  • Despite advances in technology, the world still invests the vast majority of its financial assets using a combination of gut instincts, hunches, emotionally-driven decisions and “what we learned in college.”
  • As a result, if the market pulls back, investors typically pull the plug—locking in potential losses, sitting out the recovery and waiting for opportunity to reinvest at the top, and then repeating the cycle.

We have partnered with Riskalyze, a leading financial technology company, to capture a quantitative measurement of your risk tolerance.

We can use that data to quantify your suitability and build customized portfolios that are consistent with your risk patterns and behaviors. The technology is built on the academic framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002.

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To speak with one of our team members about investment planning and/or portfolio management, simply reach out to us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!